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    Boosting Polyphony...

    I have a 5100 cellphone...
    And I'm an absolute newbie :P so I'll post this question here and there...trying to put it in the "right place"

    Feel free to delete the _misplaced_ posts ^_^


    I beginned to mess with my ringtones...creating my own...andd I discovered that the 5100 is limited to a Poly-Level of 4 tunes.

    But there are cellphones that manage 8 and 16 tunes...and skimming through some documentation I understood that it is all a SOFTWARE issue.

    Meaning that, for better functionality or else, some cellphones are programmed for 4Tunes, others for 8Tunes and others to 16.


    Is there a way to tweak this setting?
    If I don't bother about things like fewer memory available or shorter battery charge-time...can I boost my Polyphony Level?

    Thanks for any answer

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    If you have a phone supporting the polyphony level of 4, it cannot be changed to anything else.

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