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    how to get a frame from an ip cam using a mobile phone?


    Excuse me if I am not so clear but I dont even know well if my request regards more WAP, XHTML , JAVA or all of them together. But its gettino very hard to find any software that will let me access a frame of a web cam or ip cam.

    I have different ip cams connected to the internet. They continuosly send image frames over the internet.

    I would like some kind of software or application that will send a frame to the mobile phone that tried to access the ip address of the given ip cam.

    How can I achieve this? Please refer me to some wap , java, or xhtml or gprs software developer or software on the market that can easily help me achieve this.



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    Dear Mario,
    To get IP you can used dynamic programming like ASP, PHP, JSP, or CFM also another script so you can read that information how to get IP client. I hope it can help U.

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