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    Yep, Vibra Control Problems with SP-MIDI

    Alright, I've gone through these forums and other web sites for the last three hours trying to get the vibration function to work with ringtones. I simply can't get them to work, period.

    I've tried setting the vibrator track to instrument MSB 121 LSB 6 Patch 124, to no avail. The MIP message has been inserted, as well. Yet, I still can't get the vibrator to function correctly. Additionally, the MIME type is set to audio/sp-midi for both mid and midi extensions on the web server.

    Sample file: Download

    mf2t dump of the file:
    MFile 1 2 480
    0 SysEx f0 7f 7f 0b 03 01 f7
    0 Tempo 500000
    0 TimeSig 4/4 24 8
    0 Meta TrkEnd
    0 Meta TrkName "Vibra"
    0 Param ch=4 con=0 val=121
    0 Param ch=4 con=32 val=6
    0 ProgCh ch=4 prog=124
    240 On ch=4 note=50 vol=100
    1920 Off ch=4 note=50 vol=100
    3840 On ch=4 note=50 vol=100
    5760 Off ch=4 note=50 vol=100
    5760 Meta TrkEnd
    If I can just get this simple vibrator-only file to work, I can use this as a place to start from for my real MIDIs.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Edit: Just wanted to add that I am using a Nokia 3595 U.S. phone. Doubt that would matter, though. Oh, and does anyone have a MIDI copy of the preinstalled Nokia tunes with vibra? I can probably start from there, too.
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    Hi NetHead,

    You only have one byte missing from the MIP message.
    Your SysEx line says
    0 SysEx f0 7f 7f 0b 03 01 f7
    when it should be
    0 SysEx f0 7f 7f 0b 01 03 01 f7

    The MIP message is explained in detail e.g. here

    It was a bit hard to spot that one. I only saw that after I ran your midi through Nokia Sound Converter that comes with Nokia PCSuite and noticed that it had modified the MIP message.

    Also since the vibrator does not eat up your max polyphony you could use 00 as the polyphony value, as in the line below
    0 SysEx f0 7f 7f 0b 01 03 00 f7

    I hope that helps.

    PS. How did you get all that nice formatting into your post? The input seems to strip all HTML tags.

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    That worked... Thanks :D

    Yep, that fixed the problem. Thanks .

    Here is the finished ringtone if anyone cares... In this entire forum I couldn't find a single sample file. Might be useful to somebody.

    About the formatting... Most forum software programs use a BB-Code formatting system instead of HTML (allowing for some basic formatting to be used without the security risks of HTML). Noticed that the forums here were similar to vBulletin, so I tried some of the codes. Well, they worked

    You can read up on them at http://forums.invisionpower.com/inde...CODE=bbcode&s=

    Edit: URL of the file changed. Link updated accordingly.
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