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Thread: File Formats

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    File Formats


    I need the file format specifications for the logos, ringtones and other items. In fact i want to know how these files are stored on the PC hard disk? Is there anything like my program reads the given file (*.*) and decides whether it is a ringtone or logo or picture mesg or screensaver file and then afetr taking destination mobile number it can be sent.

    How OTB files are stored on the disk? Like windows bitmaps (Header and Color table and Data bits in a byte array) can OTB files stored in some format?

    Also it would be great to know the specs of converting Bitmap files to OTB format.

    One more query: If i send the OTB file will it be recognised by non-nokia mobiles?


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    Every software saves the files in different format. Nokia PC Suide file specifications are not public, there is no documentation available.

    Smart Messaging have been used in other vendor phones as well, we don't have any list of these devices.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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