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    Can't install Developers Suite Beta 0.3 for J2ME

    I've downloaded JBuilder6 personal ok and it runs ok on my Windows ME pc which has a broadband connection via cable. The problem is when running the setup program for the Nokia Developers Suite Beta 0.3 for J2ME: I don't have the product serial number so press 'Next' and the setup program has set the 'No proxy' button. On the next screen I enter my nokia username and password, press 'Next' and the internet connection to Nokia fails (seems to be on the url: error code = 4 - URL for servlet : http://forum.nokia.com/tool/developer.info).

    Any idea what's going wrong??

    Posted by Vincent Walsh, viatrix@blueyonder.co.uk
    on May 04, 2002 at 15:25

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    RE: Can't install Developers Suite Beta 0.3 for J2ME

    hi there,
    in fact i can't tell u what exactly is going on maybe it's a connection problem or so but i can give u the product's serial number which was sent 2 me by forum nokia during the same process.
    the number is:
    i hope u find this useful

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