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    GPS functionality

    Which GPS receivers are supported by the 9201? How does the 9210 communicate with the GPS receiver, or how can this be done most easily? Is there "middleware" for that? Also, does anyone have a C++ example on how to communicate via serial cable to a GPS device?


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    RE: GPS functionality

    Basically all GPS receivers which can be connected to 9210 can be used.
    But with some GPS receivers you have problems with the TXD signal level and "shape". If this signal is from 0V to + 3-6V then it's OK but if it's from -6V to + 6V then the device is not working directly. Then you'll need external power source for the DLR-2L cable.
    For instance Garmin GPS III Plus, Garmin GPS 12 XL, Magellan GPS Tracker, Magellan MAP 410 are receivers which are working with 9210.

    At the moment we don't have code examples how to connect GPS device to 9210. Please study more these classes CSerial, CPort, RComm and read documentation about Serial Protocol Module, Serial Comms from the SDK Help.

    Automatic PC Suite link detection (PLP) can cause problems when connecting serial cable because PLP reserves the serial port. To avoid this, you can disable PLP before starting to use the serial port.

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