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    someone must know how to conver 3GP to AVI...

    ¡°The advanced features of the built-in digital camera combined with video and audio recording and playing capabilities make the Nokia 3660 phone an ideal tool for capturing and sharing your special moments.¡±??????????????????

    Can someone tell me how the hell I can convert 3gp files to something more ¡® ideal for sharing my special moments¡¯.. I can¡¯t believe NOKIA has not developed a small application that can unleash the FULL potential of this multimedia concept¡_ GREAT, I have a phone that captures video content¡_
    But how can I publish my videos on the internet???? The phone takes photos in JPG.. no problem there.. but NOKIA seem unwilling to help out with something far more inspirational¡_
    How long has this technology been available???
    I know so many people ask the same question¡_ HOW CAN I CONVET THESE 3GP files????
    Please help before I have to look for another video/mobile phone¡_

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    Try to make a search with Google. Write something like "3gp to avi" and you'll get several links to the pages covering the issue.

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    reply if you get the answer

    please if you got an answer reply to me cause i faced the same problem and im trieng to get another cameramobile phone

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