I am a roumanian teacher and first I think to create a Java aplication
that can send to a
mobile phone a home works. (Sorry for my english.)
But I remember that I can use for this a wap page.
I d'ont have a some mobile phone, but from documentation I know that Wap
cannot be saved in (open from) aplication space of mobile phone. And we
cannot work
offline and send information like standard form in Html format.
I suppose that a big lot of aplications can be devlop to work in this
First example is my intention: Wap pages (children home works) with forms
that can be
complete offline, and finaly send to server online.
Second ex. Many detail vendors can complete some forms with our request or
our sales
product and send to their boss or company.

I suppose that for this is neccesary only some softwaare changes and you,
a big
company can do this and test ideea. I am sure that is a god ideea.