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    SyncML OTA for 7650 tried but no luck

    I tried to send SyncML OTA settings to Nokia 7650. I am getting a normal sms message and its showing some junk characters in the begining and then the data.
    I have tried to send the same sms messages which I've got from the discussion forum.
    Here are the two messages.
    I've send the messages through an SMSC directly as we have the contract with a local SMSC.
    Message 1:
    UDH- 0B0504C34C00000003730201
    Data - 01060605020B0081EA01016A00555803312E3000015003687474703A2F2F7365727665722E636F6D00015203313233340001544E03746578742F782D766361726400014F03322E31000156032E2F436F6E746163747300015103436F6E74616374204442000101544E03746578742F782D7663616C656E64617200014F03312E

    Message 2:
    UDH - 0B0504C34C00000003730202
    Data - 30000156032E2F43616C656E6461720001510343616C656E646172204442000101510353796E6300014B4C03330001530353657400010101
    Everyone mentioned that they could able to send a successful OTA settings with these messages. But am unable to get that.
    Please help me in solving this problem.
    Waiting for ur reply.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Venu Madhav.

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    SyncML settings example can be found from OTA 7.0 specification examples at page 33.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    Experience the same problem

    Dear Expert,

    We are also facing the same problem what Madhav is facing..
    I am also trying to send the sms through Local SMSC.

    Can u pl give a sample bytes, how to send the sms for SyncML OTA through SMSC..not through AT commands..

    I have seen lots of samples but through AT commands only.

    I have developed wbxml as per the specification 7.0 of SyncML.


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