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    Nokia 6310 and PC Suite 4.5 on Bluetooth?

    I've just changed from 7110 to 6310. I have Toshiba Bluetooth-card and I've managed to get them working together.
    My laptop don't have irda-connection at all and now I'd like to know how to connect 6310 to laptop to be able to sync with Outlook and to content copy information from 7110?
    When using cable DAU-9P the content copier does not recognise either of phones.
    When using cable DLR-3P the pc-sync does not recognise phones at all.
    Is it possible to connect on Bluetooth to copu contents and to sync?
    reg. jari

    Posted by Jari P. Tuovinen, jari.tuovinen@opoy.fi
    on January 03, 2002 at 15:08

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    RE: Nokia 6310 and PC Suite 4.5 on Bluetooth?

    Hi Jari!

    From my limited experience I can say: good luck! If you have managed to sync to Outlook I would really like to know how.

    I have a 8910 and when trying to install bluetooth connection, I get the message that if you are not using the Nokia bluetooth card (I'm using one from TECOM), you need to install manually. Following the instructions, I fail to make the conneciton appear in the Nokia Connection Manager.

    However, it works fine when using my 8910 as a modem for internet.

    brgs frodeo@cloroform.zzn.com

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    RE: Nokia 6310 and PC Suite 4.5 on Bluetooth?

    With Digianswer compatible Bluetooth cards (such as Toshiba) it should be possible to use the PC Suite.

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