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    Bluetooth, 6210 and WinXP/Win2000

    I have tried to install on both windows 2000 and windows XP. Never with sucsess. It seems like i have tossed good money out the window. Have any of you people in here managed to set it up on any of the mentioned operating systems?

    Posted by Trond Hiberg, trond@montanis.net
    on January 09, 2002 at 01:32

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    RE: Bluetooth, 6210 and WinXP/Win2000

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on January 09, 2002 at 11:36

    As regards to usage in Win2000, there are two possible solutions for your problem.

    1) Please try to install the Connectivity Pack with your admin userid.

    2) If that does not help either, please check that the IRQs (Interrupt Request) of hardware devices are not conflicting. Even if there is no conflict, changing the IRQ of the Nokia Connectivity Card may help.
    Please note that you have to be logged in as admin (at least as local administrator) to be able to change the IRQ.

    Go to Start Menu
    ->Control Panel
    ->Device Manager
    expand Bluetooth Devices
    double-click Nokia Connectivity Card
    disable 'Use automatic settings'
    double-click Interrupt Request
    change the value to free IRQ number

    Before changing the IRQ, please check the free IRQ numbers from
    Start Menu
    ->System Tools
    ->System Information
    expand Hardware resources

    Please note that in some cases the hardware does not allow for changing the Interrupt Requests.

    Also some 'corporate packages' installed by default to your PC by your administrator may not allow for changing IRQs.

    Best regards,
    Bluetooth Developer Support
    Forum Nokia

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    RE: Bluetooth, 6210 and WinXP/Win2000

    Posted by Thorleif Hallen, thorleif@hallen.no
    on January 09, 2002 at 14:02

    It worked under win2k for me, but the innstallation order is important. Didn't work until i followed the installation instructions...

    WinXp isn't supported, but if you search through this forum you'll find a posting from a guy who get it up and running...:-)


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