Hi guys,

I wish some wizards help me out regards below issue.
I searched but could not find similar issue so if answer is already here somewhere then take my apology and point me where I can get them.

I got a question from HK customer who wish to use N6210 and 3COM BT card to get upto 43.2kbps through their telco but he only got 9.6kbps max.
However he already tested N6210 and Nokia BT card and he has achieved 43.2kbps connection speed.

Here in Australia, I tried via Telstra, Vodafone and Optus with Nokia and 3com BT but both I only got 9.6kbps max.

What I do not understand is his subscription to telco has enabled HSCSD so he got 43.2kbps using Nokia BT card, but why he cannot get it via 3COM card. I do not think it is product limitation.

Could you anyone help me this out??

Thanks in advance.
It will be much appreciated, if you can reply here and to my email as well which is brendon_hwang@3com.com


Posted by Brendon Hwang, brendon_hwang@3com.com
on January 09, 2002 at 03:44