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    NOKIA - rise to the challenge?

    I posted this message several days ago, and I am a little disappointed that Nokia has not risen to the challenge of providing a response?

    Fortunatly my supplier has offered to take back the product, and I will exersice this option if Nokia are unable to raise this game.

    Whoops there goes another sale! (oh and it's a corporate account, draw your own conclusions to that)!

    I have a Nokia Connectivity pack that I use with my 6210 phone.

    I have noew recieved my Compaq Ipaq 3870 and require this to participate in the personal Area Network (PAN), ie I want the iPaq to talk to the Notebook but this does not seem to work even though the serial profile is supported?

    Can Nokia clarify their position on this please?

    I only want to have one Blue Tooth card in the Notebook, isn't bluetooth meant to offer interoperability?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    ps, the Ipaq talks to the phone fine, just no the PC.

    Posted by Nigel Littlewood, nigel.littlewood@lineone.net
    on January 09, 2002 at 23:06

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    RE: NOKIA - rise to the challenge?

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on January 11, 2002 at 10:01

    The changes between 1.0b and 1.1 mainly concern link manager capabilities and therefore the profiles should be similar.

    Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-4 (accessory for Nokia 6130 and 7650) will be v1.1 compatible. The DTL-1 cannot be upgraded to v1.1.

    Three suggestions:

    The problem may occur in authentication. This should be verified from the Bluetooth SIG. If possible, switch the authentication off in both devices.

    You can also try simple file transfer to see how it works. After you have made a device discovery in the Bluetooth Neighborhoord, go to Windows Explorer on your PC and copy-paste (drag&drop) a file to the PDA seen under Bluetooth Neighborhood.

    You can also go to Control Panel -> Bluetooth Configuration Tool to see if the Serial Port Profile is enabled and working OK.

    Bluetooth Developer Support
    Forum Nokia

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