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Thread: help required

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    help required

    I have just changed from an Ericsson t39m to nokia 6210 with bluetooth battery and want to connect to my ipaq 3870.

    bluetooth manager detects and saves phone details with correct address, but i can not get the devices to bond, my ipaq tells me that the nokia is not responding. i have been thru the nokia settings and can not find any settings within the phone to help rectify this problem.

    can someone email me and tell me either what i am doing wrong or what i should be doing????


    sean hall

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    RE: help required

    Nokia 6210 with a Connectivity Battery complies with Bluetooth v1.0B and therefore it may not work with ipaq 3870. You can of course try to do the pairing as a separate procedure and after that establish DUN link to the phone.

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