I have a problem when I try to establish an Htttp connection over the EPOC emulator.
I am working with Symbian 7.0s Series 60 2.0. My Computer is on a LAN, and it has access to Internet via proxy.
In fact I have tried to run several comms examples included in SDK documentation (sockets an http examples )and all of them have failed
(usually they fail with an -21 error code (KErrAccessDenied) , -1 or simply they fail ), so I think that
is a problem with the comms in the emulation.
Am I rigth? In that case, how can I solve this problem?

I am working with windows 2000, and I work with Visual Studio 6.
Note : I cannot run setupcomms.bat because it search for T_EDITDB.exe that it is
missing in series 60 v2.0.