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    Card not inserted windows CE 3.0

    I have a nokia d211 running OK on windows ce 3.0 HPC 2000. But after a couple of weeks when I start up my device, everything works except for the nokia card. The problem is that when I insert the card into the pcmcia slot the system ask me if I want to use the card on battery power. So I asume the system knows there is a card in the slot. But after that the driver of the nokia card is not loaded. And when I try to start the nokia manager window I get an error message saying there is no card inserted. The system asked me if I want to use the card on battery power, so I know the system knows there is a card inserted. I tried to reset the system but nothing seems to solve this error. Also when I remove the card from the slot the driver must be unloaded, but when I try to create a system backup the system hangs when it backups the nokia driver.

    I hope that this is enough information for the nokia people to give me some clues on what could have gone wrong and how I could solve or better prefent this situation from happening.



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    Driver for windows CE (3.0)

    Hi Which driver are you using for windows CE i can't find one!??

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    All available drivers can be found from www.nokia.com at Support section.

    Best Regards,

    Nokia D211 Support

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