Imagine there is some application installed on the phone with only one language resource file, let say English. The user of course can choose the drive on which this application is installed, this possibility we get using '!' drive letter in .pkg file. Now we want to provide additional seperate .sis file containing other language resource files. Its .pkg is defined so that it depends on installation of previous application. Its type is SISPATCH. The problem we occurred is we don't know what drive letter to use, neither 'c' nor 'e' is ok since we don't know what drive the user chose to install the main application on. If we use '!' and the user will choose different drive for installing this patch than the main application was installed on, then it won't work since resource files won't be copied to the same folder where .app file exists. Is there any way to define drive letter this way that the user won't be asked for choosing the drive and that additional resource files will be copied on the same drive that the main application is installed on? Please support us with this problem.

Thanks in advance.