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Thread: NMIT & Tomcat

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    Viewing WML using NMBS


    I'm trying to use Tomcat to serve up WML files. If I load the local wml file into NMBS (c:\<dir>\myfile.wml) it displays the file correctly rendered.

    However, when I try to view it using the url (http://localhost:8080/<dir>/myfile.wml) it displays the wml source code rather than the rendered wml.

    However, if I view a xHTML file on the server it is rendered correctly by the NMBS.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Have you set the correct mime types?

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    Yes. I've added MIME types for WML, WMLS, WMLC, WMLSC and WBMP to the conf\web.xml file, which is where all the MIME types are declared in Tomact.

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