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    Nokia Mobile VPN Client


    I am trying to obtain the newly released (see press release) Nokia Mobile VPN Client for Series 60 in order to test the compatibility with the product that I am developing.

    Any idea where I can find that piece of software?




    Press Release Source: Nokia

    Nokia Mobile VPN Client and Nokia Security Service Manager Extend Corporate
    Networks with Complete End-to-End Security for the Series 60 Platform
    Tuesday October 28, 8:49 am ET

    NICE, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 28, 2003--Nokia (NYSE:NOK - News) today
    announced that its end-to-end enterprise security solution for phones using
    Symbian Operating System (OS) is now available for Series 60 based devices,
    such as the Nokia 3650 and the Nokia 7650 mobile phones. The Nokia Mobile
    Virtual Private Network (Nokia Mobile VPN) solution can be purchased through
    select sales channels, including IBM worldwide, Nordic-based distributors
    Network Technologies, and SecureSoft. The Series 60 Platform is the world's
    leading terminal software platform for smartphones, and is licensed by
    mobile phone manufacturers that collectively represent approximately 60% of
    the global handset market.
    Nokia's Mobile VPN solution provides secure access to business critical
    applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning and email with a single
    point of security management. The Nokia Mobile VPN Client is an open,
    standards-based, IPSec VPN client developed by Nokia for Symbian-based
    devices. Nokia Security Service Manager (SSM) eases deployment and
    management of this mobile client across various networks and mobile phones
    with automatic security policy and other content updates.

    "IBM is pleased to expand its relationship with Nokia to deliver secure
    mobile solutions to corporate customers globally," said Richard H.
    Moukperian, Director from IBM. "As the world's leaders in mobile data
    communications, with proven expertise in network security, Nokia and IBM are
    ideal companies to jointly provide solutions to mobilize enterprises

    "Although the method and device used to connect can be wired or wireless,
    content and infrastructure are today still very much wired and IP-based,"
    said Dan MacDonald, vice president of marketing, Nokia. "The Nokia Mobile
    VPN Client and Nokia SSM allow companies to safely extend their networks to
    mobile workforces using Symbian-based devices. Conducting business in a
    secure, mobile environment helps enterprises gain important business
    advantages like increased productivity, better business processes, and
    reduced costs."

    The Nokia Mobile VPN solution is the latest example of Nokia's Mobile
    Connectivity initiative, providing mobile Internet solutions for the
    enterprise. Nokia Mobile Connectivity is a unique, comprehensive portfolio
    of system level solutions based on the business needs of different types of
    users. These solutions even address the security and mobility limitations of
    legacy products for rapid return on investment and sustainable competitive
    advantage for the enterprise.

    The Nokia Mobile VPN offering interoperates with Nokia's family of IP
    Security Platforms, running Check Point Software Technologies'
    (Nasdaq:CHKP - News) VPN-1® gateway software, enabling enterprises to
    securely extend access to applications from desktops, laptops, and mobile

    "We are pleased to extend our leading technology, Check Point VPN-1, to
    include support for Nokia Series 60 based devices," said Gonen Fink, vice
    president, solutions and strategy, Check Point Software Technologies. "This
    integrated solution enables enterprises to maximize their mobile resources
    while maintaining seamless network security."

    Nokia Mobile VPN Client

    The Nokia Mobile VPN Client enables enterprises to mobilize their business
    applications by providing a secure and transparent access to corporate
    resources. Enterprises can now offer the use of existing applications (web
    enabled or not) to their workforce regardless of time and place.

    The Nokia Mobile VPN Client leverages industry standard protocols such as
    IPSec between VPN clients and gateways supporting both legacy and PKI
    authentication. This allows mobile users to authenticate using
    username/password pairs, security tokens, or X.509 digital certificates. The
    Nokia Mobile VPN Client supports DES and 3DES for encryption, as well as
    SHA-1 and MD5 for data integrity. With Nokia Mobile VPN Client, users can
    securely access business applications and other resources inside the
    protected enterprise network.

    Nokia Security Service Manager (SSM)

    Nokia SSM is the centerpiece of a scalable mobile VPN solution that enables
    automatic deployment, updates, and management of security applications and
    profiles on end user terminals. Nokia SSM supports Nokia Mobile VPN Client,
    but the same automatic configuration update functionality will be utilized
    for rapidly deploying security applications such as anti-virus and personal
    firewall software. Both vendor and application independent, Nokia SSM is a
    self-sufficient security provisioning and management system enabling
    centralized and scalable mobile security management.

    Nokia Mobile VPN solution is also compatible with the Nokia 9200
    Communicator series. Nokia's world class, SCP certified First Call-Final
    Resolution support network will back this offering as it does all of Nokia's
    Mobile Connectivity solutions.

    About Nokia

    Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications. Backed by its
    experience, innovation, user-friendliness and secure solutions, the company
    has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and a leading supplier of
    mobile, fixed broadband and IP networks. By adding mobility to the Internet,
    Nokia creates new opportunities for companies and further enriches the daily
    lives of people. Nokia is a broadly held company with listings on six major

    Interactive Public Relations for Nokia Enterprise
    Amy Grenier, 415/975-3354
    E-mail: amy@ipri.com
    Europe, Middle East, Africa (UK based):
    Claire Backhurst, +44 7788 145460
    E-mail: claire.backhurst@nokia.com
    Asia Pacific:
    Ogilvy Public Relations for Nokia Enterprise Solutions
    Azwar Ghazali, + 852 28848563
    E-mail: azwar.ghazali@ogilvy.com

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    It is over 2 years now the same VPN client has been annouced for the 92xx serie.

    It was even supposed to be included with the 9210i when it shipped (2 years ago).

    The VPN client is still not available.

    Nobody from Nokia even answers messages on this board or emails related the this topic.

    Good luck any way ...

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