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    PC Suite 4.5a don't work with 3rd party Bluetooth equipment

    The new PC Suite don't work with any other Bluetooth equipment than the Nokia Connectivity Card (DTL-4)!
    I have Xircom, 3com, Socket and TDK BT-cards.
    They all work for Dial-up (GPRS) but not to synchronize or manage my Nokia 6310 phone.
    THAT IS A SHAME! Nokia will obligate us to buy their BT card!
    Who knows a solution for this problem, or when does PC Suite support 3rd party BT cards?

    Posted by Stefan Trittibach, stefan.trittibach@swisscom.com
    on January 31, 2002 at 18:49

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    RE: PC Suite 4.5a don't work with 3rd party Bluetooth equipment

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on February 01, 2002 at 16:22

    This is because there is no standardized Bluetooth stack and API in Windows. The PC Suite can access the BT API of the protocol stack used in the Nokia Connectivity Card. Bluetooth Cards with different stack (API) cannot be used.

    Bluetooth Developer Support
    Forum Nokia

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    RE: PC Suite 4.5a don't work with 3rd party Bluetooth equipment

    Other posts for this question indicate that a Virtual COM port should be possible to use, just as other phone manufacturers does it.

    But the problem with PC Synch, is that the virtual serial port that the Nokia software installs, is probably non-standard. If you have experienced the first version of PC synch, you would know, that there has always been problems with PC Synch software. Its was unstable and did not follow that Microsoft Windows API standards for Virtual serial ports, and probably still doesn't. For this reason, the "Standard Virtual COM ports" that all/most vendors implement, is not supported by Nokia PC Synch software.

    Nokia PC Synch has been out for many years now, and they apparantly still stick to their own non-standard virtual COM port, now causing even more problems for their customers, now that new hardware and interfaces is in development.

    Its a pity, that Nokia, who is/was the most successful phone manufacturer oversee the real problems. I foresee this to be a vital strategical problem for Nokia in the years to come. The customers will not accept non standard interfaces, and Nokia sales will eventually fail, for exactly this reason. Users soon realize that Nokia do not support BT and USB as the standard.

    Why buy non-standard. This is certainly the last Nokia I have bought, ever to my self or anyone related, unless Nokia soon solve this problem ASAP.

    The second major problem is that Nokia support and sales are not honest about this. They know the problem, they are worried and they know the impact of having non-standard software. But hiding the very fact is the wrong strategy.

    Think again, if Nokia told potential customers that the bluetooth card in their phones could ONLY synch using a NOKIA bluetooht card. Who would buy it? I feel left in the Dark. Can I get my money back, buying a product that do not work as expected? On the contrary, I have once again helped Nokia develop non-standard IO software. I hate myself for that.


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