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    6310 with Palm SDIO Bluetooth

    I have tried to get a connection between the 6310 and a palm m505 with the Palm SDIO Bluetooth card. If I search for Bluetooth devices the 6310 was found. But if I want to add the device to my trusted devices i get on the palm the question for the passkey, but I don't get the question on the 6310.

    In the "Spcification for Nokia 6310 Bluetooth Applications" the 6310 should also popup for the passcode. But I don't see anything on the 6310. Only the sign for the bluetooth-activation is on the screen.

    Thank You,

    Posted by Christian Pumberger, christian.pumberger@hypotirol.at
    on February 05, 2002 at 12:32

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    RE: 6310 with Palm SDIO Bluetooth

    Posted by Harold van Ingen, nokia@isb.nl
    on April 06, 2002 at 17:07

    Hi folks,

    Maybe this is a sollution. I'm still tapping around on my M505 and 6310. I had a connection yesterday between my Palm and my nokia phone. I was able to phone and connect to my ISP.

    This is my procedure... please try if you dare.

    After many hours hacking the menus on the Palm I'd finaly success.

    On Palm M505
    Remove the SDIO Bluetooth Card from Toshiba

    On Nokia 6310
    Bluetooth = off
    Search for audio accessries = don't
    View active device = there must be none!
    View paired devices = there must be none
    Bluetooth settings - My phone visibility = Shown to all
    Bluetooth settings - name of phone = e.g. Nokia
    Switch phone off
    Switch phone on
    Phone in standby mode!

    On Palm M505
    Place the SDIO Bluetooth Card from Toshiba into Palm
    Install BT drivers
    Go to preferences - Bluetooth
    Bluetooth = on
    Device name = palm
    Allow Device to be discovered = yes
    Goto preferences - Connection
    Name = e.g. BT to Nokia Phone
    Connect to = Phone
    Via = Bluetooth
    Model = Standard GSM
    Device = tap to find
    When found select 'Nokia'
    Do you want to add Nokia to your trusted device list = no
    Goto preferences - Phone
    Connection = BT to Nokia Phone

    You have to be fast to enter the passkeys otherwise you have to start the procudure again!

    On Nokia 6310
    When Phone reacts accept the connection!
    Enter the passkey = e.g. 030303

    On Palm M505
    When Palm reacts enter the passkey = 030303
    Add connection to the trusted devices list
    Goto preferences - Bluetooth
    Check if the phone is a trusted device
    Goto preferences - Connection
    Device = tap Nokia
    Check if the phone is a trusted device marked with a key icon

    On Nokia 6310
    Check the menu of Bluetooth
    Check all settings you need

    That's all.

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