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Thread: How to find SMS

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    How to find SMS

    I'm developing an Java- app to 9210. I want to be able to send/receive SMS.
    Here is my problem: Where are incoming SMS stored in 9210 and how can i read them into my Java prog?

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    RE: How to find SMS


    I already answered to this question in the Java (General) section. But here is my answer again.

    Nokia 9210 Personal Java + JavaPhone API implementation doesn't include APIs for receiving of SMSs. However, receiving of SMSs is possible using JNI (Java Native Interface) technique. It means that you must write some C++ code which handles receiving of SMSs. Some example codes of JNI programming can be found from the 9210 Java SDK examples and documentations.

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    Juha-Pekka / Forum Nokia

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    to jp_fn,

    i'm currently working on an SMS j2me application on a series 60 emulator and experiencing difficulties in recieving SMS since 3650 does not support PushRegistry (Pushregistry is only available in MIDP 2.0)

    is it possible to use the same approach in 3650 and are there any assurance that it will work? if yes, how much work will it take?

    if not, please give me (any one) some tips on how to come up with a working code for recieving SMS, thanks in advance

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    Almost purchased 3650


    I was about to purchase a 3650 for the same purpose - if it's not going to receive SMS, that's going to be a peoblem. Have you tried using the WMA APIs that are supported in the 3650?

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