early message in forum jan 21.
: I am trying to set up a Nokia 6310 bond with
: the iPAQ 3870 and always get disconnected after
: entering the correct passcode on the phone. Also
: the Nokia 6310 is detected by the iPAQ as a
: workstation and not a phone like my 6210
: (which works fine). I can also send
: business cards from the iPAQ to the 6310 without
: problems - I just can't create a bond
: and therefore cannot go online with Internet
: Explorer. Are these Bluetooth devices
: incompatible??


I got exact same problem and did try all options but nothing works. Also when i, under the menu bluetooth, looking for other devices nothing is found. But when i do the same when sending cards nokia found other devices. We did same test with T68 ERICSSON and all works fine. Also in holland nokia is not (yet) approved for GPRS because they get same kind of problems (lossing connection). Before i lose a lot of time i hope that nokia give the trueth!!.. i see here a lot of problems regarding this issue. Is bluetooth working okay or not!!. As last i did call service centre but nobody did know about this. Finaly i did call 3 service centre's cost a lot of time and money.. answer: Bluetooth yes whe did hear of it... is it part of the phone??. I think nokia need to improve there communications!

Posted by antoine Aarts, a.aarts@totalbackup.nl
on February 07, 2002 at 10:20