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    How to skip manual confirmation for RemoteSync connection

    I'm developing a Symbian application monitoring changes to
    contacts/calendar and launching Nokia RemoteSync application in order to perform remote synchronisation when a change occours.

    Our problem is that after our application launched Nokia RemoteSync, then the user must manually select the sync profile and confirm the remote connection, instead of automatically connect to the server.
    My questions are:

    1a. does Nokia RemoteSync can be launched by our application skipping manual selection and confirmation?


    1b. does Nokia RemoteSync export any kind of APIs our application can call to automatically select sync profile and connect to the server?

    2a. is Nokia RemoteSync's source code available for customisation?


    2b. can you develop a custom version of RemoteSync allowing our
    application to launch it and automatically select sync profile and
    connect to the server?

    Thanks for time and consideration.

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    I think user interaction is required for security reasons. There is no way to avoid user interaction.

    We don't share the SyncML client source code.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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