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    6310 bluetooth connection with PCsuite fails

    installation of PCsuite 4.5a with bluetooth connection works fine;
    Establish a DUN-connection in BT-neighborhood;
    Afterwards, I select bluetooth connection in Nokia connection manager;
    the phone stops the enabled bluetooth connection and wants to establish a new connection;
    The new connection wont be established;
    The phone shows "connection" and a timeline is moving at the top;
    On configuration tool serial port profile is enabled on all Digianswer virtual COM ports;

    thx for any help on that


    Posted by Gerhard Pfaffenzeller, gerhard.pfaffenzeller@epost.de
    on March 13, 2002 at 13:52

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    RE: 6310 bluetooth connection with PCsuite fails

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on March 22, 2002 at 17:11

    Have you followed these instructions?

    To establish a Bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and PC Suite, take the following steps:

    1. From Settings / Control Panel, start Bluetooth Configuration Tool. Check that "Digianswer Virtual COM Port" has "Serial Port Profile" selected.

    2. Start Bluetooth Neighborhood

    3. Check that the desired phone is visible on Bluetooth Neighborhood view a)Check from the phone UI that bluetooth is enabled (see icon on the phone UI) b)If not, do device discovery by pressing F5 or selecting Device Discovery from menu

    4. Select phone from Bluetooth Neighborhood view by double clicking the phone icon.

    5. Select "Dial Up Networking" service by double clicking or with right mouse button.

    6. Bluetooth Neighborhood creates a connection to the phone.

    7. When Bluetooth Neighborhood asks for Passkey, enter any number (just to make sure that you enter same code to phone also later). Phone UI asks you to accept the connection. Enter the same code to the phone as you entered to Bluetooth Neighborhood.

    8. Select Bluetooth connection from Nokia Connection manager. User has to accept connection from the phone UI again

    9. Bluetooth connection is ready

    10. To disconnect after use, go to Bluetooth Neighbourhood. Select the used phone and "Disconnect" with right mouse click or from the menu.

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