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    Nokia 6600 questions


    A lot of questions about the Nokia 6600 :-)

    (1) I thought the Nokia 6600 would support Cell Broadcast through JSR 120. Using Connector.open("cbs://:200") I should be able to pick up 02 Cell Broadcast messages. But I get ConnectionNotFoundException instead. Please can someone tell me if the Nokia 6600 does support CBS through JSR 120 or not.

    (2) Why does my app crash when I try to do Manager.getSupportedContentTypes("http")? It worked fine on the 3650.

    (3) What media codecs does the 6600 support? Does it support RTP streaming video, AAC, MP3, AWB (new ringtones)?

    (4) Does 6600 support JSR 135 version 1.0 or 1.1? Does 6600 support JSR 120 version 1.0 or 1.1?

    (5) Does 6600 support audio capture?

    (6) Does 6600 support looking up telephone numbers from a TextField of type PHONENUMBER?

    (7) What exactly can a SIGNED MIDlet do that a non-signed MIDlet cannot?

    (8) Is there a developer certificate I can use for signing MIDlets on the 6600? Where do I get one from.

    (9) What do the settings in the Manager on the 6600 effect. I mean the MIDlet security settings like Read User Data, Multimedia and Edit User Data, I can guess the rest.



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    Do anyone know how to recieve the Cell Broadcast Message (CBS) using Symbian C++ SDK??

    I want to recieve CBS for Nokia 6600. If anyone was successful in recieving CBS please post it. Many have asked this question before, but no one replied.

    Thanks in advance

    Varun Gupta

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