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    Bluetooth connexion between 6310 and M505

    I have a 6310 with a brand new version 1.20 of the firmware. I cannot
    establish a link between it and a Palm M505 with a Palm bluetooth
    card (1.1 compliant). Does anybody can help me to make it works ?

    I readed it from one of this forum once but I cannot get in touch with the
    author. Thank you.
    Direct mail : psavoyaud@siteparc.com

    Posted by Patrick Savoyaud, psavoyaud@siteparc.com
    on March 30, 2002 at 21:57

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    RE: Bluetooth connexion between 6310 and M505

    Posted by Atte Lahtiranta, lahtat1@inet.sonera.fi
    on April 07, 2002 at 10:27

    I had problems with m505 and Palm BT 1.1 card and with Nokia 6310 software version 4.1. I upgraded the software on the phone and followed the procedure below and got it working:

    1) enable bluetooth on both devices
    2) search for the phone in palm and when the phone is found give a very short passkey (e.g. 1111)
    3) When your nokia asks "Do you accept the connectiong from XYZ?" (your palm) say yes and now you have to be EXTREMELY quick and type in the passkey in your nokia and press ok. There seems to be less than 0.5 sec time to enter the key.
    4) After connection everything seems to be working for me always once. This means that I can get e.g. my ISP connection working once and then I have to turn off and back on the bluetooth on my 6310 because otherwise all the following connection attempts will fail.

    The summarum I guess is that you just have to be extremely fast.

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