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    How to shorten bluetooth discovery time


    I'm using rhostresolver

    If i set:


    The GetByAddress inquiry takes between 13 - 16 seconds.

    But if i set:
    addr.SetAction(KHostResInquiry | KHostResName | KHostResIgnoreCache);

    The GetByAddress inquiry takes about 20 seconds, which is pretty long.

    Any comments?

    I'm wondering if i can shorten the time by setting the class of device to be searched for (the majorclass minorclass thingy). This isn't explained very well in the documentation. Any one knows how? Any other tips on shortening the inquiry time?

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    Sounds very strange to me. I'm going to start some bluetooth development in next few weeks and the long time of discoveries troubles me too...

    But I believe that the discovery takes approximatelly 10 seconds, no more no less!!! Or at least I hope so. Still it is very long. I haven't done any programming with bluetooth yet but this can be found in bluetooth specs:

    Two 10 ms trains A and B are defined, splitting the 32 frequencies of the inquiry hopping sequence into two 16-hop parts. A single train must be repeated for at least Ninquiry=256 times before a new train is used. In order to collect all responses in an error-free environment, at least three train switches must have taken place. As a result, the inquiry substate may have to last for 10.24 s unless the inquirer collects enough responses and determines to abort the inquiry substate earlier.

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