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    Nokia 7650 wap/internet GPRS

    im using a nokia 7650 and i have a problem...
    I have set up my phone to access the internet
    over GPRS and it is working fine. Im using Doris WEB browser.
    The problem is when i wanna sea wap page and the internal wap browser say: WAP server: conection dropped. why ? i cant see wap pages over internet gprs connection???

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    In the Series 60 0.9/1.x, the WAP Browser uses WAP protocol and requires a connection to WAP access point. Web browsers use HTTP protocol and Internet access point. That is why the WAP Browser and Web browsers cannot work simultaneously.

    In the Series 60 2.0 (6600), the WAP Browser uses HTTP protocol and the platform also supports multiple PDP contexts, which mean that there can be several simultaneous network connections to different access points.

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