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    9210 Connecting to local web and wap applications


    We are developing web and wap wervices. We would like to browse them from our Nokia 9210 or a 9210 emulator.

    We have our applications running in a laptop with Apache Tomcat. We have installed also the 9210 emulator in this laptop.

    What type of configurations have we do in order to browse our content in our local Apache Tomcat.

    Thanks and best regards.

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    RE: 9210 Connecting to local web and wap applications

    You can make the necessary settings for the emulator internet connectivity and check your apps witout using dial up if all is running on the same machine.
    If this does not work out, you may have to setup the index page as a web address and through your ISP account you can browse these pages on the Nokia 9210's web browser and through a WAP server you can also test the wap content on the WAP browser.
    Hope this gives you some pointers to proceed.


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