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    Canceling a WAP data transfer

    I use WAP to get some data from the server. However, user must be able to cancel the data transfer.
    To be simple: my WAP engine class has following two members:
    RWSPCOConn iConnection;
    RWSPCOTrans iTransaction;

    So I call the iTransaction.Abort(0). However, if I try to call iConnection.CreateTransaction(RWSPCOConn::EGet,iUrl,Headers,Body,iTransaction) again, it returns EInvalidState (-5469). What's wrong?

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    I've also spent some quality time with EInvalidState.. At least you should Release() the transaction after aborting it. I think you should also wait for a specific event on the connection (EAbort_ind_t) before creating a new transaction.


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