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    Totally confused about set up

    I've managed to get myself totally confused about what I need to download, and from where.
    By trade I'm a VB/VC/ASP/SQL Developer so am not so worried about the actual coding, infact I've muddled my way through some basic Java apps at work but the development machine was already set up for me but trying to work out what I need myself is doing my head in.

    I just want the basic set up so that I can write applications for a Nokia 7250i
    I've got a Windows 98 system (but would like to be able to work on an NT4 system too, but Win98SE is priority)
    Its a clean build machine, with nothing but the operating system and the PC Suite 5.16

    I'm not bothered with fancy IDE's, I can handle a command line, but I can't work out what the heck I need.
    Anyone got a list of exactly what I need to install, where I get it from, and recommended directory paths to put it all in.

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