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    Palm - Nokia exchange of information

    I am about to switch from 6210 to 6310 but have a lot of entries in my phone. Is there any software - for Palm (or PC at least) that would allow me to transfer data form phone to Palm (or PC) and to the new phone ?

    Posted by jarek b, jarekb@horn.pl
    on April 15, 2002 at 18:44

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    RE: Palm - Nokia exchange of information

    Posted by Roland Lie, roland.berg.lie@finansavisen.no
    on April 17, 2002 at 19:57

    Yes there is I do not know if the normal adressbook in Palm is able to read Nokia vcards, but my Palm can recieve and send adresses with an infrared connection. I doubt this has something to do with my application AdressPro, but maybe.

    Anyway I can send and recieve with infrared, and I can send from the Palm to the phone with a bluetooth connection. I tried to send from the phone to the Palm with bluetooth, but the Palm Os crashed.
    By the way, Im running Palm Os 4.0.

    You can also use Nokia PC Suite to make backups of adresses. You need either a Cable for your phone (NOT DUA9) or a PC with infrared connection. This is probably your best option since you can transfer multiple records.

    Good luck


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