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    6600 characters too small in sms messaging

    Hi everybody ! I just bought a 6600 wich is a terrific phone with one of the best screen on the market !

    BUT : In the SMS application characters are much too small and there is no way too enlarge the police as in the wap application . Isn't stupid to get such a large screen and characters smaller than in any other phone SMS application !
    Did Nokia engeneers thougt about people that have small vision problems !

    Another defect (but minor)of this phone is that there ici no way to automaticaly lock keyboard without using an unlocking code . In any other nokia phone you can do that !

    third problem is that there is no function to send, delete ALL the contacts at a time !

    all of this can be corrected by an upgraded firmware , I hope that Nokia will provide one soon especially for the small characters in the SMS application.

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    Hi Eric,

    To send or delete all Contacts:

    Go to Menu, Select Contacts.
    When your contacts are on the screen, select Options.
    Scroll down to Mark/Unmark.
    Select Mark all.

    Now select Options again.
    Scroll to Send or Delete, whichever is required.

    Good luck!

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    On this address (http://koti.phnet.fi/jarilaak/software/jjlkeylock.html) you can find VERY useful program, which autolock our 6600.
    Thanks a lot to author, Jari Laaksonen.
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