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    RHostResolver and iStatus

    I'm not sure how to use iStatus when i'm requesting the remote device for its services. I am trying to base my work on the BTP2P example which uses RNotifier instead.

    Lets say I already have a remote device tru RhostResolver,,

    according to the BTP2P example (which uses RNotifier), it doesn't really pass iStatus into any function when it requests for service records, but works this way:

    The RunL first calls the function...

    FindServiceL(TRequestStatus& aObserverRequestStatus) ,
    //etc etc
    iStatusObserver = &aObserverRequestStatus;
    //etc etc

    ...in the ServiceSearcher object (not an active object).

    when it finally reaches AttributeRequestCompleteL() and there are no more records, it calls Finished().

    void CBTServiceSearcher::Finished(TInt aError /* default = KErrNone */)
    if (aError == KErrNone && !HasFoundService())
    aError = KErrNotFound;
    User::RequestComplete(iStatusObserver, aError);

    Here are my questions:

    1) What i don't understand is the 'aError' thing here. I can see that some calls to Finished() (it is called in a few places), some of them do not pass a TInt variable to it. Some do. Yet it works, and there are no 'this is not an overloaded function' errors. Is this a special function? And yet it still works.

    2) General question:

    If i have:


    Will abc123() be run while waiting for blablabla(iStatus) to complete?

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    I don't know about your 1st question.

    Yes abc123() will run while blablabla is being processed (assuming blablabla is an asynchronous operation)

    When blablabla has finished, RunL will be called.

    BR, Hans

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