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    AT Commands for NOKIA EXPERT

    I need to retrieve some information from the gsm network, i want use the AT Commands provided by GSM protocols.
    So i have to send AT commands to Modem and then retrieve response.
    I have seen an application in Nokia 7650 like "NEtMonitor" that retrieve network information like Cell Id and frequencies channel and RSSI of nearest bts. This is possible with AT commands so there be possible to send a Command to modem and retrieve an answer.
    I'd like to know how to perform it and please a little example about open comunication with modem.

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    I am a complete novice at this, but in the following document:


    it states that you can send AT commands to the modem, but that there is no way to retrieve responses back from the modem.

    I believe this is what you were asking about.

    If you figure out a way to get data back from the modem, I would be very interested in knowing how - I can be reached via email at

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