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    Will there be MP3 support on Nokia 6600?


    I'm quite happy with the 6600. But what makes me sick is the very poor sound of the speaker for audio.
    Is there a chance of havin a better sound when playing MP3 Files or even a Musicplayer like on the N-Gage in the near future?

    I wonder why Siemens , Sendo and Samsung are able to offer MP3 function but Nokia isn't!

    I was thinking about changing the speaker of my 3650 before already, because the poor sound made me sick to my stomach.

    Best Regards, Dominik

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    fully agree with you. very poor sound thru the speaker unit - incl for voice calls and not just MP3. i think this is because the phone is not stereo as in 6610/7250

    besides, what MP3 player are u using. it may be the problem with the MP3 software.

    and even the headphone unit does not sound well (nokia using the same headset of the very old 3300)

    hope they can 1. get an MP3 player available for free and 2. improve the speaker by updating software/firmware and 3. get some stereo sound

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    You can't get stereo sound through one speaker. Perhaps you were referring to headphones?

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    6610/7250 only have such a good quality because the sound output comes from a sperate FM chip while Symbian OS phone's mp3 output is produced by "the processor" (not exactly) that is not able to produce sound output better than 16khz (my experience using 6600 and 7650) even if the files are in better quality.

    Or can anybody proof I'm wrong? Can 6610/7250 play mp3s? Can anybody get better output than 16khz mono on Symbian phones?


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