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    Continuation of About Boundary Param in OMA DRM message...

    Madhav66 asked the following:
    I was wondering if in an MMS WAP 209 pdu, the oma drm message body mime header contains explicitly the Boundary parameter.
    Content Type: application/vnd.oma.drm.message;
    Content-ID: <GoldFish.dm>

    The above example is from Nokia's Forward Lock Developers guide.

    However when i generated an MMS message from Nokia's Mobile Internet ToolKit and an inserted an xxx.dm(oma drm message generated from Nokia's Content Publishing ToolKit) the mime header of that part did not explicity declare the Boundary value using the boudary="XX" form. Rather the body directly had a boundary value.
    Does this mean that an MMS WAP 209 PDU will NEVER/SHOULD NOT contain the boundary= as a rule or there is a posssibility of it having boundary= ?

    I am an MMS developer and need inputs on this for development.

    Reply to this was:

    At the current version of the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit the toolkit is not checking the boundary parameter inside the OMA DRM protected content (*.dm file).

    This will be corrected in the next version of the NMIT: the boundary parameter of the MMS message header should be generated according to the boundary inside the DRM message.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

    My question:

    Since the boundary param needs to be prresent,how will the definition of boundary look:Will it be a plain text line like literally:

    Content Type: application/vnd.oma.drm.message;

    i.e. boundary followed by "=" followed by the actual value or will it follow WAP WSP encoding rules.Currently i do not see any WSP encoding equivalent/assigned well known value for the boundary parameter. Also,will the "=" be there after boundary and a ";" before the value.

    Rahul C.

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    For more information about the boundary parameter and DRM with MMS please see http://www.forum.nokia.com - Technologies - DRM and Download - Documents - 'DRM Forward-lock Developer's Guide for Nokia Mobile Phones' document chapter 4.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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