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    compiler bug, using Metrowerks front end


    I reported a compiler bug to Metrowerks last week. They have denied responsibility, so at their suggestion I have come here for help. Below is my detailed bug report, including a small code snippet that causes the compiler to crash. I also included Metrowerks' response.

    A workaround and/or compiler patch would be greatly appreciated.

    Mark Ambachtsheer
    Schema Software, Inc.



    Thanks for writing. It looks like this is a problem with the Symbian tools, as opposed to CodeWarrior. Since we just bundle the tools and SDKs with our environment we do not have control over this software. The best approach would be to report this on Forum Nokia and Ericsson Mobility World:



    Or perhaps contact Symbian directly since this happens with both Nokia and Sony Ericsson SDKs:



    Matt Pinsonneault
    Motorola Metrowerks Developer Support

    Service Request Number: (edited out)

    Date Opened :
    Product :
    Abstract : bug report
    Description : User: Mark Ambachtsheer
    Company: Schema Software, Inc.
    Phone: 604-682-3404 x118
    Registration Numbers:
    CodeWarrior itself: (edited out)
    Technical Support: (edited out)
    Product Name: C/C++
    Version Name: CodeWarrior Development Studio for Symbian OS Professional
    Edition 2.5
    Running On: Windows 2000
    Generating: Symbian THUMB or ARMI
    Model of computer used: PC clone
    Computer's Processor: PIII
    Operating System: Windows 2000
    RAM: 512MB

    Bug severity: crashes application
    Reproducability: always

    Compile the attached small code example using the following commands:

    bldmake bldfiles
    abld build thumb urel
    abld build armi urel

    expected: compiles, or gives errors
    result: compiler crashes, leaving a .core file
    This happens with the Series60 OS kit and the UIQ OS kit shipped with
    The crashing application, cc1plus.exe, has the following path on my machine:

    (This is from the UIQ OS kit shipped with CodeWarrior).

    I have also reproduced the source code from the .zip file below.

    Please let me know if/when you can provide a fix, and/or a workaround.


    #include <e32std.h>

    template<class _KeyType, class _ValType >
    class TemplateClassA

    class const_iterator
    int iterValue;

    template <class T>
    class TemplateClassB

    typedef TemplateClassA<unsigned long, T> mapT;

    mapT::const_iterator begin () const;


    class ClassA

    union Value
    bool m_bool;


    class ClassAEnumerator
    ClassAEnumerator (const TemplateClassB<Value>::mapT::const_iterator&
    const TemplateClassB<Value>::mapT::const_iterator& in_end)


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    This is a bug in the gnu tools from Symbian. As far as I know they are the only ones who build these tools, and they're somewhat of an older GNU source base. I would report the error to Symbian directly, but I wouldn't expect an immediate fix. I would probably just tweak my code until I got it to compile.

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