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    Steps To Build A Java Bluetooth Midlet For Free

    ok, it seem that there is a bast lack of information about this kind of adventure under Linux , ( at least i not found response to all my question )

    i heve not found any page that explaing .. clearly .. slowly .. and step by step
    all we need to make to make a BT midlet from A to Z all the 'howtos' i read stop at this point

    what you think about compile all effort to publicate a
    simple page explaining howto make it ( voluntary to make it )

    i can introduce mi firts steps explaining what i do
    - install the bluez stack
    - install all the J2ME sdk from Sun and Nokia
    - Create the fits non BT demo midlets .. send to a mobile .. and run
    - Create the firts BT client(PC)-server(PC) aplication using bluez
    - ...
    but now i try to
    - Create the first client(MIDlet)-server(PC) aplication that uses bluetooth

    the midlet will run in a Nokia 3650 mobile phone (for example ) to exchange a data extructure between the phone an the pc via bluetooh

    and i'm not sure what are the right and sure steps to continue

    it seen there is some tools under windows
    and also we need the "Series 60 SDKs for Symbian OS, Nokia Edition" just available for windows, even a Visual C++ compiler but i have not licenses for that.

    some one from nokia knows if there is a way of make this project posible, can explain "howto" and pointed me to the righ documents ?

    thanks in advance

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    the only phone that will allow data exchnage from midlet to midlet is the nokia 6600. no other phone supports the bluetooth api right now.

    the 0.3.1 emulator will allow you to start 2 emulators and do all the bluetooth stuff (same machine or via network)

    there is no way to teach the wtk to use any bluez functions - this would require native calls wich will never pass the preverify process.

    atinav has a pure java implementation of jsr-82. costs around 1000$

    to create your first bluetooth midlet have a look at the bluetooth api doc within the 0.3.1 emulator docs folder and try to run them emulator-2.emulator.

    if you want to use real over the air sending you may use the impronto dev. kit. but this will only allow standard java apps, as they do not require any preverify stuff. (the kit will map jsr-82 to bluez).

    installing bluez and the impronto dev. kit is simple: there is a manual from impronto.
    there is no need to compile anything as all of them come as rpm's

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    so am i right to say that if i want to build an application making use of bluetooth, the only phone i can use is the Nokia 6600 ?

    Cant i buy just any phone with bluetooth for my use? Or i actually need the Nokia 6600 because it supports the Bluetooth API (JSR-82) ?

    Is the N-Gage built on the Developer Platform 1 or Developer Platform 2 ?
    If it is built on Developer Platform 2 then i can use the N-Gage for my application purposes right ?

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    i present you the page in wich i try to share
    me bluetooth experience ..

    i hope have the time to actualice continously

    you welcome


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    Re: Steps To Build A Java Bluetooth Midlet For Free

    Hey Guys. I know it's 4 years later, but any developer viewing this forum that has done J2ME bluetooth apps, give me a shout. I want to hire you immediately.


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    Re: Steps To Build A Java Bluetooth Midlet For Free

    I guess Bluetooth for Java, published by Apress book may help, source code is here starting Chapter 5:
    Part 1 (chp5 to chp 11)

    Part 2

    Description about the book:

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