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    Nokia 6600 IMAP client with unsigned SSL certificates

    This is not really a development question, but the Club Nokia experts directed me here. The problem is as follows:

    I've tried to connect to IMAP server with the default Nokia 6600 email client. The Sonera gateway should not be blocking any ports. Our IMAP server uses SSL encryption with our own created certificate, which is not signed by VeriSign. This is probably the case in many small companies, that don't want to pay thousands of bucks to VeriSign. The connection to the server stalls shortly after beginning and times out after about two minutes.

    Has anyone got the IMAP working with the Nokia 6600? (without SSL, SSL with standard certificates and SSL with own certificates)

    The Club Nokia expert told me that WAP is the only way to transfer certificates to the Nokia 6600. Is it possible to transfer your own certificate to the phone that the email client would accept in each connection?

    And another related question:
    The email settings in 6600 have only one Security option: How do you configure the IMAP to be SSL encrypted, but the SMTP not.

    Any tips and suggestions are very welcome!

    - Ville

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    I tried my 6600 IMAP client. this is what I got:

    o plain IMAP4 no SSL, port 143 - WORKS

    o SSL IMAP, port 993, my cert. - DOES NOT WORK

    o SSL IMAP with Verisign cert. - CAN'T DO

    it looks like the 6600 imap4 client has a problem/stall when every other imap4 client asks you whether you want to accept the certificate.

    Nokia SW engineering should be fixing that!

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