I would need information to the following two questions:

i) To be able to use HSCSD communication during a trip abroad, it would be necessary to select one of the service providers (network operators) in the foreign country which supports HSCSD. With Card Phone 2, how the network operator can be selected? (The possibility to select a specific service provider from a list of currently available providers is a self-evident option with every simple mobile phone. Should this option not be available with Nokia Card Phone of all mobile phone devices? This would be absurd! However, in the User Manual there is no information about this issue.)

ii) If at a moment there is no service provider available which supports HSCSD, is it really necessary to change manually the transmission speed setting in the Card Phone Program from 43.2 to 9.6 kbps to be able to communicate with the lower speed of 9.6 kbps? There is no automatic adjustment to lower speeds? (The necessity to adjust manually the transmission speed setting would not only be very annoying, but would also in practical use frequently lead to unsuccessful connection attempts, on the one hand, and to non-usage of high speed transmission becoming available on another place during a trip abroad, on the other hand.)