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    Provision of MIDLET's through WAP (OTA) ...

    Can I download Java files to my 6310i through any Wap gateways or should I used only certain gatway (like Nokia ver XX) ?
    Did any body hear about the "Sar" tech' ??

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    RE: Provision of MIDLET's through WAP (OTA) ...

    I've found that only certain WAP gateways work in the UK for the 6310i when using a GSM Data connection. I don't think it depends on whether the gateway supports SAR, I think it is more dependent on what is the maximum download size the gateway supports.

    To download a 22K midlet in the UK to a 6310i, the Wire3 and Orange WAP gateways work, but others like the Vodafone fail giving a "Connection lost, try again" message. The Vodafone gateway does work when downloading a very small midlet (1-3K).

    The 3410 is even more fussy about what gateways will work. I only managed to download the 22K midlet using the Orange gateway.

    If you want to test a gateway's ability to download various size midlets I've set up 3 midlets (1K, 3K, 22K) at:

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