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    Panic when disconnecting a socket

    hi anyone noes why when i integrate the socket example to my own codings it crashes wit KERN_EXEC 3 when my phone is connected to the gprs when i try to exit it..
    but the strange thing is if i do not connect it to the gprs and try to quit it.. it do not produce this error...
    why is that so? pls someone help me...

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    see sdk docd for Kern Exec 3:

    This panic is raised when an unhandled exception occurs. Exceptions have many causes, but the most common are access violations caused, for example, by dreferencing NULL. Among other possible causes are: general protection faults, executing an invalid instruction, alignment checks, etc.

    , basically you just need t

    o go checking that you are not using NULL pointers. Easiest way is to set all pointers to NULL after deletion and before using them check that is the pointer is pointing to the NULL or some real location.

    Other common reason is double deletion, there some part of the application is deleting some objects that are own by some other class, that will try also delete them.

    These types of errors can sometimes be really hard to find, and very annoying.

    Happy hunting

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