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    Browser image types

    I would like to know if the is a clear way to clarify the images types that phone browsers are able to view.

    For example Nokia 7250, the UA profile



    Which I assumed indicated the browser processing jpg and gif, but the specification provided a Telecom operator indicated the phones can not handle jpg in the WML browser.

    Therefore I wanted to verify if content types in UA profile <rdf:Bag> are applicable to WML and if not is there a way to verify the capabilities of the WML browser.

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    You can check the supported content types from http://www.forum.nokia.com - Resources - Technologies - Browsing/WAP - Documents - Nokia Browser Features - 'Nokia GSM WAP Phone Characteristics' document, section 'WAP Screen Attributes' - 'Image formats'.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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