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    fcntl missing in the estlib library ??


    I am porting one C networking application to Symbian. I want to make the socket non-blocking.
    1. Which API I can use for setting the status of the socket non-blocking?

    In the symbian SDK it says that it supports fcntl. But in the ESTLIB which comes along with SDK doesn't contain fcntl. I dissembled the library using code warrior , but I couldn't find the fcntl in the library. Is any patch is available for the library?

    Is there is any other API which does the above functionality as fcntl ?

    Any help in this regard will be appreciated.


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    missing fcntl


    I need non-blocking socket operation in order
    to replace "select()"-commands in C-code that I want to

    So I am facing the same problem like you, did you find a solution meanwhile?

    Perhaps it is possible to use recv / send with the
    flag MSG_DONTWAIT, which enables nonblocking operation.

    My compiler sais "MSG_DONTWAIT' : undeclared identifier".
    I could #define MSG_DONTWAIT ... according to Linux, then
    compilation gives no error, but I'm not sure whether it will
    really work (difficult to test the networking with the emulator).

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