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    MIDP SDK 1.2 for Symbian os

    Hi everybody
    I'm very sorry to ask this question but I can't solve the problem.
    The problem is simple. I download this file "nS60_jme_sdk_v1_2.zip" then I extract it, and start to install it. It asked me about serial number so proceed to next step, then it asked me to enter my proxy sttings and I did, but it always make error with message like "Fail to connect to server".
    I searched and I found a web page the I can post a serial number request and getting it by e-mail, but the problem was there was no "series 60 midp 1.2 for symbian os nokia edition" link. instead I found "series 60 midp 1.2.1 for symbian os nokia edition", so I asked the page to optain serial number for that one,
    but it didn't work.
    If anyone can help to get serail number for that version
    "series 60 midp 1.2 for symbian os nokia edition" please tell me
    My email is

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    Re: MIDP SDK 1.2 for Symbian os

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    Re: MIDP SDK 1.2 for Symbian os

    Quote Originally Posted by Invyl View Post
    I hope you realize that the thread is a decade old and even the user has been last online a decade ago

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