I've installed two Series 60 SDK
-Nokia Series 60 1.2
-Codewarrior Series 60 1.2

To generate my .sis file, i need a .app and a .rsc
When i build using "abld build armi urel" with nokia sdk, they're both generated in C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\Release\ARMI\UREL

If I do it with Codewarrior one they're both in a different directory
.app in C:\Symbian\Series60_1_2_CW\epoc32\release\armi\urel
.rsc in C:\Symbian\Series60_1_2_CW\epoc32\data\z\system\APPS\MYAPP

why is the .rsc file going to that directory???
Any idea?