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    OTA Sound doesn't play all notes

    I am using Nokia UI API to play sound. More specifically I use the init method of the Sound class:

    init(byte[] data, int type);

    and then


    and on the phone, the music starts playing, but it's like some tones doesn't play. Especially if tones are "too close" to each other, it seems as if the sound chip just skips some of them to make room...

    does anyone know of this problem?

    The phones I am trying this on is a Nokia 3510i and a Nokia 6100.

    I am thinking if this could be resolved by writing a separate class that calls init(int freq, long duration) and does the timing itself.

    But I don't want to do so if the problem is in the sound chip and this can't be solved...

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    i have same problem.

    my ott sound file: 3 minutes.

    but only can play 40 seconds.

    anyone know why?


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    It may happen if the file is corrupt. Are you sure that the file is correct?

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