a question about class MPictureFactory and class MRichTextStoreResolver
i have a question about class MPictureFactory and class MRichTextStoreResolver. i found that i should use these two class when i want to restore picture in crichtext, which have two virture function ,one is NewPictureL(), the other is StreamStoreL, if my thought is right,what should i do in the two virture function for my restore picture in crichtext? if i am in wrong way, pls show me a right way please.
actually, i have found that i have store text and picture header in my richtext file, but i do not know how can i store picture context and restore it from file. i have studied SDK help for several times, but there is only code segment and unclear interpretion, which can not help me finished my work.i have report this question for several times,but nobody can answer me or donot want to answer me, i hope the senior programer or NOKIA expert can see this reply and help me.
pls give me a hand, i will very appreciate for it.